Là na #Gàidhlig 2015

wp_ss_20150430_0002Today was one of those off days at school – lots of students out of class for one reason or another – so I decided to delve into the Comparisons standard and get us involved in a Twitter event for Là na #Gàidhlig. We talked briefly about the status of Gaelic in Scotland and how social media events like Là na #Gàidhlig help build awareness and strengthen cases for linguistic equality. It’s an easy perspective for my students to understand, given that they’re required to use a second language every day. We also talked about how a few Gaelic expressions appear in English, like gleann “glen” and clann “clan, children”.

Next, I put a list of Gaelic words on the board, along with their meaning in French. The list included some words borrowed into English, some high-frequency words, and some related to popular interests among my students. The students made a picture card for the word of their choice, and then I tweeted their work with the hashtag #Gàidhlig. They really enjoyed watching other Gaelic speakers and learners “favorite” and comment on their work!Read More »