Living Latin

It’s almost time for the Summer Language Institute, so I thought I’d do a little throwback to my first TPR- and TPRS-based Latin class. I was very lucky to have such a motivated and creative group of students, but I also have to give credit to the TPR and TPRS themselves. Can you imagine, a whole group of high school students voluntarily studying Latin, not for the credit but just for fun, and mainly because they knew what the methodology would be like? What a great testament to brain-based teaching! The students made the class outstanding, and the methodology empowered them to do so.

It’s hard to say what the best part of the class was. On the one hand, students were speaking and writing in Latin, talking about their daily lives in this supposedly dead language. On the other hand, the easier approach to the language made the culture all the more interesting. From the Roman calendar and festivals to gods and history, the students were thoroughly immersed in ancient Roman life. Their projects were so amazing that we commandeered a whole trophy case to display them. Most were so large and elaborate thatt I eventually ran out of room for them, but I did keep a larārium hanging on my wall as a memento.

I’m looking forward to another summer of Latin and the opportunity to bring this wonderful experience to a new group of students!

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